MOUNTBATTEN (Earl Louis, of Burma, 1900-1979, Admiral of the Fleet, Victoria's Great Grandson)

Typed Letter Signed 'Mountbatten of Burma', with autograph salutation & subscription to "Dear Mariana", Lady  MONCKTON  (Marianna Laetitia, Dame of Honour and Devotion, SMO Malta, OStJ, Pres., St John's Ambulance, Kent, High Sheriff of Kent) thanking her for the letter, "I am glad you have explained to me the circumstances in which you decided not to thank Jack Denning for his generosity as I suggested", he goes on to say it was the Duchess of Richmond who was keen it should be done, but is sure, even though the Duchess took it rather amiss, you were absolutely right, and that her letter will be useful ammunition to answer the Duchesses letter, "It was great fun seeing you again the other night at the SSA FA party", 1 side 8vo, Broadlands, Romsey, 2nd October 1969


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